Premier coffee celebrates 10-year anniversary

Yangon, Myanmar, 10 December 2015 – Premier Coffee first became popular in Myanmar with “Premier 2 Plus 1” instant coffee mix. Now, Premier Coffee is the number one instant coffee brand in Myanmar.

Unlike other instant brands, 2 Plus 1 coffee packets include fine-ground coffee powder mixed with creamer and sugar. Unique among instant coffee brands, “Premier 2 Plus 1” was designed to produce the same taste as brewed coffee. In 2005, “Premier 3 in 1” was introduced and quickly became the market leader, out-performing all other instant coffee brands. This year, “Premier Coffee” is entering its 10th year of operations and maintains its position as the best-selling coffee brand in the Myanmar market.

Premier Coffee is a branch of Capital Diamond Star Group, under the responsibility of FMCG division, with 31 branch offices and many distribution centers all over the country.

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