Flood Relief Activities by CDSG

CDSG  and its employees carried out Educational and Flood-Relief Activities in flood affected areas in July 2015, by donating material and providing voluntary aid.

Flood Relief Donation Trip of Capital Diamond Star Group to Yay Nan Chaung

As a part of its extensive flood relief efforts, CDSG Employees arranged a trip to Yay Nan Chaung in July 2015. The Yay Nan Chaung City area includes Bal Sate Village, Tha Phan Chaung Village, and Yone Sate Taung Village. Know as the Bal Sate Group of Villages, some 2000 villagers residing in the area suffered from devastating floods. In order to raise and re-establish their lives, CDSG Business Units and Employees donated 6,813,700 Kyats in cash, 250 plastic bins filled with household items, 30 boxes of instant noodles, 27 boxes of snack items, 25 bags of clothing, 2 bags of shoes and industrial sized bags of rice during the “Yay Nan Chaung” Trip.

Educational Activity of CDSG Family Employees for Flood Victims

As part of CDSG’s commitment to improving educational activities in Myanmar – and in conjunction with ongoing flood-relief efforts – CDSG Employees and “Premier Coffee” Employees donated 265 Million kyats worth of school supplies for elementary students all over the country in August 2015.

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