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Branded Consumer Foods

Branded Consumer Foods business (“BCF”) under Lluvia Limited, a joint venture between CDSG and Mitsubishi Corporation, is the manufacturer and distributor of Myanmar’s number one instant coffee brand, Premier. Premier 3 in 1, Premier 2 Plus 1, Premier Espresso, Premier White Coffee, Premier Fusion, Premier Arabica Fresh, Premier Fine Ground, Premier Coarse Ground, Premier Milk Powder and Premier Malt drinks are the key products of the Premier brand. BCF also produces Happy Tea, Happy Coffee, Happy Caramel, Htoo Shal Tea and Htoo Shal Kaw. Lluvia Limited formed an organization named Sar Taw Kal Noodle Limited, to produce quality instant noodles which are distributed by the BCF under the Wah-Lah brand. 


One of BCF’s key strengths is its extensive distribution network that includes 46 touch points consisting of its own branches and dealers. Through these touch points, BCF has direct access to more than 37,000 retail outlets across Myanmar. BCF also covers more than 1,000 wholesalers and sub-wholesalers, which provide it with indirect access to numerous retail outlets. Combined, the direct and indirect coverage enables BCF to reach more than 90% of the retail universe that is relevant to branded consumer foods.  

Leveraging the distribution network of its in-house brands, BCF supports the distribution of imported products for international companies. It has formed partnerships with global and regional brands such as Julie’s™, Tipco™ and Lotte™ to import and distribute their products throughout Myanmar. Lluvia continues to actively seek for opportunities to collaborate with other well-known international brand owners to enter the Myanmar market. 


Brand Building

Brand building is in its DNA which is evident in the success of many of BCF’s in-house
brands. BCF is open to work with international partners to provide market access into
Myanmar and support in brand development as well as distribution.

Our Brands

၂ စူကျ ၁
3 in 1
white malt
Premier Arabica Fresh_PAF Logo
Premier WHite Coffee

Contract Manufacturing

BCF offers OEM services to produce instant beverages, biscuits, and instant noodles.


Facts & Figures

ISO-certified production facility
ISO-certified production facility
22 branches and 27 dealers
22 branches and 27 dealers
1,000 wholesalers and sub-wholesalers
1,000 wholesalers and sub-wholesalers
Over 90% distribution coverage
Over 90% distribution coverage
Serving over 38,500 outlets
Serving over 38,500 outlets