Myanmar Wheat Flour

Dominant Market Position in Wheat Flour

CDSG started operations in the flour milling and retail business with a 1 ton-per-day flour mill. Since then, CDSG’s production capacity has grown significantly with two flour mills located in Yangon and Mandalay, producing 1,040 tons per day.

In 2015, CDSG partnered with Mitsubishi Corporation to establish Lluvia Limited.  The current flour milling and distribution business is conducted under the Lluvia enterprise. Currently, Lluvia is the country's market leader for flour milling and distribution, being privileged to supply to almost all the major downstream companies (bakery, noodle, HORECA) across the entire country.

Flour Product

Lluvia offers a wide range of products to cater to our customers’ requirements, with more than 85 SKUs across 7 product categories. The products supplied by Lluvia include:

  • Bread flour
  • Cake Flour
  • General Purpose Flour
  • Instant Noodle, Dry Noodle and Wet Noodle Flour
  • Confectionary Flour (Wafers, Snacks, Cookies, Biscuits)
  • Steam Bun Flour
  • Pollard & Bran

Non Flour Product

In addition to the flour products, Lluvia also offers baking equipment and baking ingredients such as shortening, yeast, margarine, butter, cake gel, baking powder, and food coloring and flavoring.

Our Customers

We supply more than 4,000 customers, including most of the major companies in each sector such as bakery production, noodle production, biscuit production, and HORECA (hotels, restaurants, coffee/tea shops).






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