CSR Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


CDSG believes in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CDSG believes that being in business means being responsible to all of the stakeholders including the shareholders, employees, partners, customers and the community and the country at-large.

CDSG and its businesses contribute to Myanmar under the following five pillars:


E.g. Our group constructed a new three-story high school (B.E.H.S. 27) in Mandalay (Completed July 2015).


E.g. We play a key role in the People’s Health Foundation, an NGO that provides healthcare services to rural areas by constructing clinics, operating mobile clinics, and donating medicine, medical equipment, etc.


E.g. CDSG has constructed and contributed to a number of cultural and religious institutions such as libraries and monasteries.

Agricultural Development

E.g. We support social enterprises through contract farming and microfinance.

Rural and Urban Development

E.g. Our group has constructed roads, libraries, athletic fields, and clean water wells and supports heritage conservation, access to labor markets, etc.

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