On 20th May 2014, Capital Diamond Star Group (CDSG) announced being selected by the World Economic Forum (the Forum) as a Global Growth Company (GGC), one of the first companies from Myanmar to be given this honour. The Forum’s Community of Global Growth Companies is comprised of the most dynamic, high-growth companies from around the world. They are best described as the trailblazers, shapers and innovators that are committed to improving the state of the world. Currently, the Community includes more than 360 members from 70 countries, and each one has the potential to become a leader in the global economy owing to their business models, growth records, leadership and the markets they serve. “When choosing entrants to our Community of Global Growth Companies, we assess companies on their business model, annual revenues and growth rates, executive leadership and market position.

"Capital Diamond Star Group is a dynamic group with clear potential to shape the future in its relevant business sectors and so is a perfect fit to our GGC Community”, said David Aikman, Managing Director and Head of the New Champions at the World Economic Forum.

“CDSG is delighted to be selected as a member of this prestigious GGC Community. In particular, we are very honoured to be among the first few Myanmar companies to be recognised by The Forum with this status. Through building a strong local enterprise with a sustainable and responsible business model, and doing things well and doing things right for our various stakeholders, we hope to play a small role in bringing further economic prosperity to the people of Myanmar”, said Dr. Ko Ko Gyi, Group Managing Director of CDSG. “CDSG believes being recognised as the Forum’s Global Growth Company will provide us with an excellent platform to raise the company’s profile locally and regionally. It will support our aim to be the preferred business partner of choice among foreign companies seeking opportunities in Myanmar. We also believe that this membership will serve as a catalyst to help us achieve our long term vision to be a major regional enterprise”, said Mr. Lim Chong Chong, Group Chief Financial Officer of CDSG.

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