Industry Leader in Agro-Chemicals

Agriculture in Myanmar, once nicked named the “Rice Bowl of Asia”, is one of Myanmar’s main industries due to a large supply of arable land and water. Agriculture plays an important role in Myanmar society today by providing employment to the rural community as well as allowing Myanmar to earn export income.

In 1999, CDSG started importing, packaging and distributing basal and foliar fertilizers across the country. Today, fertilizers (compound, foliar and urea) distributed under our own brands, including ARMO and Kala Oak, are the number-one sellers in the country.

CDSG is also a leading importer and distributor of crop protection products such as insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

CDSG foresees significant growth opportunities in this business due to a number of factors including:  a very low usage base, liberalization of trade in the sector, availability of government financing assistance, and growing downstream demand.

In addition to distributing these products, CDSG also invests time and effort in educating the country's farmers about appropriate use of fertilizers and crop protection products, as well as other agricultural techniques.


Soft Commodities Trading and Supply Chain Management

CDSG’s Soft Commodities Trading (SCT) Division is a leading exporter of rice in Myanmar. Export destinations include Africa, Bangladesh, Russia and Europe.  In addition to rice, soft commodities traded by the Group include yellow maize, beans and potatoes.

CDSG is also increasingly involved in contract farming and the supply chain management aspects of the industry.

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